The future belongs to the learners.

But when, how, and where do you continue learning throughout your career in a way that's supported and celebrated?

Ei Sandbox is a community research project for teams, leaders, and individuals interested in navigating the future of work with greater confidence. We're exploring experiences that are individualized, collaborative, and fit into your life today.

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The world has become more complex than ever, leaving many feeling stuck or uncertain. We believe the way forward is through learning & community. But when, how, & where does transformational learning fit into our lives?

For the next several months, a team from Experience Institute is inviting you into this question. We're hosting a series of experiments that will range from 60-minute virtual sessions, to multi-part workshops, to gatherings in various cities. Join us in these experiments to help you steer your career, team, and organization through change.

What you’ll learn with us:

What core topics are helpful to learn for navigating the changing landscape of work.

How to build or adapt your culture of learning for the modern-day worker.

How to define what types of experiences you or your team need to learn next to grow together.

How to design short, medium, or long experiences ranging from professional side projects to sabbaticals.

How Web3 and VR might help to extend or augment opportunities for experiential, lifelong learning.